Tbilisi-Kazbegi-Tbilisi (350 km both ways)

Leave all your worries to the other side of the border and go with us to visit and experience the magical beauty of one of the regions of SAKARTVELO-Kazbegi. Everyone knows that in this small country, all regions are radically different from each other in nature and culture, even the character and appearance of local people is radically different in the region. Maybe with one Glance Mountain people will seem strict and not talkative to you, but, like all KARTVELI, they are also very hospitable and proud who appeared to be their homeland. However, how differently, this is the great mountain Kazbeg.

On the way to Kazbegi we will visit the Ananuri Fortress (XVII century), which stands on the banks of the Zhinvalsky reservoir, and enjoy magnificent views from the arch, from a height of 2384 meters.

And finally, the last chord of this trip ... Get ready for the scale of magnificence that will soon fall on you, this is a spectacle that the Gergeti Trinity monastery, located at an altitude of 2,170 meters, should feel with all six senses, and Included in the 10 most beautiful temples in the world, a unique location makes it more beautiful and exciting.

The last point of your unforgettable trip will be the most delicious pearl of this Khinkali region with unique spices, such can only be prepared in Kazbegi, we will adjust the mood of your trip to the tone of smooth chacha.

Transfer to Tbilisi.