Borjomi - Vardzia - Rabati

Day 1. Tbilisi- Borjomi (200 km)

Transfer to the resort town of Borjomi, which is located in the south-eastern part of Sakartvelo. The resort is known for all its mineral springs. The city is surrounded by mountains covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. And Borjomi-Kharagagulsky National Park is one of the largest reserves in Europe. We will visit, Green Monastery ”, the name itself already tells about itself, is located away from the bustle of the world among the beautiful high mountains, dense green forests and on the bank of a fast noisy transparent river. The Green Monastery is one of the oldest male monasteries in Georgia. The most ancient building dates from 9-10. Once inside the temple, it is impossible not to feel the breath of antiquity. After visiting the monastery, we return to Borjomi. Hotel accommodation. Relaxation. After taking a break, you can walk through the central park of the city, where you can taste mineral water directly from the source.

Overnight in Borzhom.



Day 2. Borjomi - Vardzia - Rabati-Tbilisi (400 km)

After breakfast, we set off to visit the rocky town of Vardzia - a fabulous open-air museum, a product of the era of the Golden Age, the era of Queen Tamar. The complex at one time consisted of 13 floors and 3000 rooms. Vardzia is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Trial List. On the way, we will visit the Rabati fortress in the city of Akhaltsikhe, which is considered one of the tolerant places on the territory of Georgia. From the 9th century on this place, a representative of different denominations peacefully coexisted. After visiting the sights, we will have lunch and return to Tbilisi.