Tbilisi - in painting

This walking tour allows you to enjoy the local architecture and attractions, listen to a meaningful story about the centuries-old history and modern life of the city. Exciting landscapes will accompany you all the way. Discover the ancient culture of Tbilisi, the city which‌, despite numerous invasion‌, hasn't lost its unique traditions. Walking along Rustaveli Avenue, in the shadow of old cedar trees, we will make you feel the captivating spirit of Tbilisi. Also, we’ll see: The Vorontsov Palace - one of the most famous architectural monuments of Tbilisi. It was built in 1868 by the governor of the Russian emperor in Tbilisi, Mikhail Vorontsov. The Anchiskhati Church or the Church of the Virgin Mary is located in the northern part of the Old City and is considered the oldest temple in Tbilisi and the second oldest one in Georgia. The Marionette theatre, located on Shavtelidze Street, founded by Rezo Gabriadze In 1981, in Tbilisi, that won the hearts of the audience from the first shows and nowadays, this theatre travels all around the world. Also, we’ll stroll along the Shardeni street full of bars, clubs, and boutiques. The street bears the name of the French traveler and writer Jean Chardin, who made a long journey to the East and, in particular, Georgia, in the 17th century. We’ll visit the 13th-century beautiful Metekhi church. The viewing platform in front of the church will offer you breathtaking, the most scenic views of the Old Tbilisi, in particular, you’ll admire the Narikala Fortress, the most famous and ancient monument of Tbilisi antiquity, locals call it "Soul of the City." We will climb the cable car to the Narikala fortress, and also take a walk to the “Figs” waterfall, which belongs to the Botanical Garden. This is a city where it is very clearly felt that time can stop. 
At the end of an urban adventure, you will have a tasting in the most authentic wine gallery in Tbilisi. You will taste wines from traditional qvevri and learn about the features of Georgian winemaking.