Why go? Take a walk through the vineyards, try the wine, buy it here, visit the most colorful and autistic market in Telavi, try all kinds of churchkhela, see the monasteries. In September, Rtveli is held in Kakheti - a grape harvest festival. Of course, nature is especially beautiful at this time. This time we get to Kakheti, passing the Gombory pass, this is a beautiful artery of a mountain road winding through the mountains, which gives a lot of beautiful views: pastures, gardens, villages, mountain ranges.

We begin the tour with a visit to the ancient academy and monastery Ikalto - Founded by saint Zenon in the VI century. The Monastery was famous as one of the most significant cultural-scholastic centers of Kakheti as well as of the whole of Georgia. A high school, the academy, was founded there; an outstanding Georgian philosopher Arsen Iqaltoeli used to live and work in it. Archaeological excavations revealed numerous workshops, wine-cellars, a smithy, store-rooms and other household rooms grouped around the Academy building. The academy of Ikalto trained its students in theology, rhetoric, astronomy, philosophy, geography, geometry chanting, etc..

We continue the tour and visit the small city of Telavi, which is located in the heart of the Kakheti region, in the Alazani Valley.

We will visit the castle and fortress of Erekle II- “Batonis Tsikhe” (translated as the fortress of the master), the former residence of the Kakhetian kings in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Inside the fortress is the royal palace, two court churches, a bathhouse and a tunnel. The fortress fence also includes observation towers.

We continue our journey on the highway between Kvareli and Telavi, to the small fortress Gremi, which was the capital of the Kakheti kingdom of the XV-XVII centuries. The city consisted of three main parts: the Arkhangelsk monastery complex, the royal residence and the shopping district. Gremi existed for only a century and a half, at the beginning of the 17th century the city was destroyed by the troops of the Iranian Shah Abbas I. Here you will hear the story of the creation of the city.

The monastery complex of Nekresi, which is located on the slope of the huge mountain Cavcasioni. This is a unique place for several reasons. Firstly, it was from here that Christianity began to spread throughout Georgia. Secondly, the 4th century church, which is the oldest in Georgia, is part of the Nekres complex. And thirdly, from the top of the mountain, on which the monastery stands, offers stunning views of the Alazani Valley. Once the monastery was home to more than 2,000 monks and was a fairly large city. Only a few buildings have survived to this day.

And in the end, the Alaverdi Monastery awaits your visit - the creation of the Assyrian fathers, namely Joseph Alaverdi, who came here in the middle of the VI century, and was buried in this temple, and the grave still exists.

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