Bodbe - Sighnaghi - Tsinandali


Bodbe Monastery - Sighnaghi

The first stop will be Bodbe Monastery, where are the relics of the Christian patron saint of St. Nino. It stands on a mountain, with a fantastic view of the Alazani valley. The monastery gives the impression of a very cozy and peaceful place. The next stop is Sighnaghi, which is located on a mountain. In Sighnaghi everything is beautiful and neat. As if the city is lying on a green pillow and covered with a duvet of clouds! It is entirely surrounded by a beautifully preserved fortress wall, on which you can take a walk.



The next stop is the palace-museum of Alexander Chavchavadze, located in Tsinandali. The complex in Tsinandali embraces the memorial house, a landscape garden, a historical winery, wine cellar, hotel and a café. The vineyards have been restored and wine production has resumed.The landscape garden in Tsinandali is the first European-type recreation zone in Georgia.It was in the Tsinandali winery that the wine was first bottled in Georgia. A. Chavchavadze’s collection of vintage wines consists of over 15 000 bottles, with the oldest dated with 1814.