Uplistsikhe - Mckheta


Uplistsikhe, whose name translates to 'Fortress of the Lord', is an ancient rock-hewn town, which played a significant role in Georgian history over a period of approximately 3,000 years. Extraordinary creation, moreover, the creation of nature and the hands of men. Archaeological excavations have revealed extraordinary artifacts dating from the late Bronze Age all the way up to the late Middle Ages.

Beginning its history in the 2-nd millennium BC, Uplistsike has been identified as one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. Back then, the complex was a very important cultural center for pagan worship in the Kartli (Iberia) region.


The ancient city of Mtskheta is a must-visit place in Georgia. Especially if you are staying in Tbilisi. Since the ancient capital of Georgia is only 20 minutes from the modern capital. This ancient city is called the "Second Jerusalem". Holy Nino Cappadocia brought the good news here, one of the greatest shrines of the Christian world, the Heaton of the Lord, is kept here.